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Bird On The Wire, CD Reviews
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"A slightly twisted and superbly talented chanteuse."
- Tom Staudter, New York Times

"BIRD ON THE WIRE is a delight from start to finish. Ms. Crowe has a very appealing voice, a wide range, a strong sense of humor and a versatile repertoire."
- Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene
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"Crowe's strength is in her versatility, vibrancy, and unique storytelling ability that goes way beyond the confines of being just another great jazz singer."
- Jonathan Wildran, All Music

"Joan Crowe is a brilliant jazz singer with a comedic side too.she's an extraordinary talent, a wonderful artist, and a savior."
- Colin Cowie, Event Planner To The Stars

"Out of the box comes Joan Crowe, the siren with an attitude. Her vibrant style with her sense for emotional placement is very unique. Included is her original "Southern Petite Women," a country jazz effort that offers some pure string swing as well as a fine lyrical experience all owned and operated by one Ms Crowe, a nice touch to this eclectic experience."
- Karl Strober, www.jazzreview.com

"With her debut CD Joan Crowe registers strongly as a distinctive singer with an intelligent and witty approach to her material."
- Bruce Crowther, swing2bop.com
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"When "Fever" comes crooning out of th' speakers with th' same intensity as Peggy performed it, yet with Joan's own unique spirit/take on it, your ears know you've snatched a true winner.. There are no drab messages on it, or worn-out cliché songs, in fact every moment on each song is full of emotion & talent. My favorite cut was "Twisted"."
- Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation
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"If this is Joan's debut CD, my response is: Where in the hell have you been all my life? This is a jazz singer who knows her music."
- George W. Carroll, The Musicians' Ombudsman/EjazzNews.com
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"A debut album as good as this deserves a listen or twenty. Joan Crowe's first release Bird on the Wire is jazz essence in its purest form. Her platinum voice captures the mood in her cover of Leonard Cohen's "Bird on the Wire.""
- Paul Pelon IV, Audiophile Audition
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"Her CD Bird on the Wire is full of pleasant surprises, such as the title track at a faster tempo than Leonard Cohen envisioned. The lady also swings "Never-never Land," and merges "Fever" with "A Touch of Your Love"."
- Barry Bassis, Town & Village

"Joan Crowe has a versatile voice that is full of intimacy and emotion."
- Lee Prosser, www.jazzReview.com
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"This singer is one of those performers who really needs to be known more. She presents familiar tunes in such a fresh manner they never seem old."
- Bob Karlovits, Tribune-Review
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"Crowe is a dynamic, witty, and unpredictable entertainer, and her debut album demonstrates these traits."
- Michael P.Gladstone, All About Jazz

"Crowe appeals to a wide audience, her tunes are diverse and listeners will enjoy her voice and the variety of styles."

"Joan she sang Leonard Cohen's "Bird on the Wire" with a gospel feel, and Loesser's "Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat" as a reggae-funk combination."
- Lucy Galliher, Jazz Now
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"Joan also has guts. She certainly didn't have to evoke the ghosts of Peggy Lee, Annie Ross or Marlene Dietrich by covering their signature tunes ("Fever," "Twisted" and "Falling In Love Again") but she's found the ways to make each her own, especially in the nearly deadpan vocals on "Twisted." You've never heard this song sung that calmly."
- Jeffrey Matson, www.jeffreymatson.com
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