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It's been a half-dozen years since Joan Crowe was Cabaret Scenes' cover girl, and she's become a very visible figure in live entertainment. We thought we'd do some probing.
- Peter Leavy
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Cover Story: Bird On The Wire
By: Elizabeth Ahlfors
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"Her act is as polished as a diamond"
- Nancy A. Ruhling
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"Tall and cheeky, she's as nice to look at as she is to hear"
- David Finkle
Joan Crowe gets to the heart of a song's story. And she's funny. And she's beautiful. Joan Crowe gets the hat trick.
- Michael Bourne
"Critics Pick"
"Shooting Stars, singer Joan Crowe's tribute to her friend Tom Brown, is so thoroughly suffused with humor and the lingering warmth of their friendship that it manages to be moving without being maudlin, uplifting without being saccharine."
- Marisa Cohen
Cover Story: Finding the Balance
By: Peter Leavy
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"There is nothing subtle about Joan Crowe's musical comedy act, As The Crowe Flies . This singer/comedian will go anywhere for a joke-- you've got to admire a mind that can conjure up a shtick involving playing Falling in Love Again on the saw. And she doesn't do it half bad, either."
- Scott & Barbara Siegal

"Fabulous! Contemporary Songwriters finally have someone worthy to write for."
"For her debut show last year, Joan Crowe had a considerable amount of good press in this and other publications, but until this recent go-round, she was just a name to me. Now I'm sorry I didn't catch her earlier because the lady totally captivated me. She and her show are stunning."
- Jan Wallman
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"Crowe performs songs with intelligence and sensitivity"
- Roy Sander
"Captivating, intelligent, caring, imaginative and lovely are just a few of the adjectives to describe Joan Crowe. She has a soulful alto voice alá Lucie Arnez, and has crafted a show filled with both standards and contemporary gems. Her personal vision and creative expression is very evident in this show. Joan Crowe flies and has crafted a thrilling show."
- Richard Edgcomb
Joan's take on good and (primarily) evil was so amusing and absorbing that it was easy to overlook what a lovely voice this lanky, leggy siren possesses.
- Peter Leavy
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"This Crowe flies high, daringly and endearingly. Particularly lovely is Crowe’s ‘Lilli Marlene’, familiar but now new when given from a different viewpoint. Her up-tempo numbers are balanced by the mournful ballads that Crowe does so well. A tall slender woman with a lovely demeanor and graceful movements, she is pleasant to watch as well as listen to."
"When a talented singer has a true affinity for the work she admires, the results can be sublime."
-Michael Portantiere
"Crowe has a charming, intelligent presence and quite a lovely singing voice. She is also able to connect completely and instantly with her audience, cementing the intimacy so important to cabaret."
- Mia Amis
"Joan's animated dialogues and occasional give-and-take with the audience often resulted in a great deal of hilarity. Her lively and expansive rendition of Tom Brown's May As Well Be Christmas (Christmas Song) was a dramatic counter point to Jonathan Wesley Oliver, Jr. The tenderness with which Joan imbued the lyrics was heart stopping and simply beautiful."
- Valerie Kanofsky
"I saw her show a few weeks ago and sat one table over from Sidney Myer, who books the shows at Mama's and at the end we were both in tears. This is NOT a sad show. We were crying out of sheer joy for the music, the legacy, and the beautiful way Ms. Crowe has presented this material. GO! PLEASE! And if you are a cabaret performer, take notes."
- Stu Hamstra
"Long, lean and curvy, Joan Crowe gave the full house at McCurdy's a sizzling performance ranging from pithy and funny to poignant and chanteuse-y"
- Marjorie North
  Wazzup Ward (Joan's son's school paper)
"We laughed listening to Joan Crowe sing about men being bald. The parents had fun too."
- Madeline McCabe, Ward School Grade 4
(This is my favorite one! - Joan)
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